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“Ariston” aka “Ari” is an extremely handsome boy! Pictured above at 1 year and 8 months old in pictures above.

Ari is still a playful, loving and floppy kitten and has so much more maturing and growing to do. Ari has a lush bunny soft coat, a perfect solid masculine muscular body, heavy boning and a gorgeous head profile. His eyes are a gorgeous medium to dark blue. As he matures, he stays balanced in type and gets stronger in color. He is such a regal little man that you can’t help but stare as he enters the room. He purrs loud and meows at everyone who enters to demand attention. He loves everyone he meets. Each day I watch him I fall deeper in love with my boy! Ari is our foundation Stud here at StaFra. He needs just two finals for his GR CH!



Blue Mitted

Introducing “Archie”!

Our very first litter out of our “TICA CHAMPION WILLOWTREERAGS ARISTON OF STAFRA & BRIERROSE JORJA OF STAFRA” of one baby boy has arrived on August 23, 2013! Named after both of my parents their initials : Alberta and Richard. — both in heaven.

In Loving Memory of

Our Marco Polo.. Heaven gained a sweet Angel.


Polo came to me on May 20, 2008 as just a little baby. I had so many plans with him. Showing him was one of my plans, but I never got the chance. I wanted to wait until he matured and was a little larger to really bring him out and compete heavily with him. I noticed that Polo was not growing at a rate he should have. At just under a year old, he was less then 8lbs. He just wasn’t growing all over as a male should. He would sit and look into the distance at times during our regular play times and with in a week of noticing that he started to lay down during these times and not want to play. He started sleeping a lot more. Upon inquiring, I was told he was from a “slow maturing line”. -Maybe this was a time of a growth spurt..?? I had scheduled his 1 year veterinarian examination to have him throughly checked. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 28th, 2009. He was my heartbeat! There is so much I could say about Polo. He was such a lover and such a playful little boy as a baby. I’d hide and say Marco and he would come straight to me as if to say POLO! I could hold him forever and he loved it! He would follow me everywhere I went. He slept with me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t tear up wishing he was still here and healthy.

PLEASE, before you buy a kitten, make sure your kitten’s parents are tested for HCM. Listening to a cat’s heart isn’t enough! HCM is known as a ‘Silent Killer’.

Make sure that the breeders that you purchase your kitten from can show you proof that parents of your Ragdoll are negative for the HCM mutation. This will ensure that your kitten is negative. If one of the parents is carrying the mutation, then your kitten will need to be tested to be sure that it did not inherit the mutation.

Saying that they are scanning or are screening their ragdolls is not enough. Make sure that they have done an HCM DNA test. A DNA test is the only way to know that your ragdoll is not carrying the deadly HCM mutation.

A Ragdoll can be carrying one mutation (heterozygous) or two mutations (homozygous). Either mutation can be a killer and you want to have a Ragdoll that is negative from any known mutations.