Blue BiColor

Taken Feb 2012
Photo by 1Touch Photography

“Jorja” is one of the most sweetest girls! She has large bone, the most gorgeous dark blue eyes, beautiful type, pretty face and bunny soft coat and a floppy attitude.

She is very sweet with her playful antics and “Mommy” meows. She is the first to meow to let me know it’s time for bed as she races me to flop on my bed at night. She is a sassy girl with a perfect temperment. Jorja is so much of what the breed standard says a Ragdoll should be, playful, floppy, large and loves everyone she meets. She is our foundation Queen here at StaFra. DNA tested and clear of HCM.

Jorja has produced one litter with us. She produced our “Archie”, she is now retired from breeding and remain our sweet pet at home.



Blue BiColor

“Gabby” is everything we hoped and dreamed of for a future show girl and queen! Pictured above right before she arrived at StaFra.

Gabby is truly the ‘Angel’ I pictured she would be long before she was born. She is gorgeous, large, dark blue eyes, heavy boning, perfect profile, amazingly soft bunny coat, and excellent type! She is so playful, loving, floppy, inquisitive and outgoing. She hasn’t met a stranger and believes everyone and everything is created just for her. She loves to play in water and any bathtub or shower going is fair game to play with this fun loving girl! For her, life is a Party! ?

We are so excited to enter her in upcoming shows and watch her have fun. We have such high hopes for this girl! She has one final left to get her GR CH.

She has been doing some major growing since she has arrived from her amazing breeder, our mentors and friends at Willowtree Ragdolls. We cannot express enough how honored and thankful we are to have her! She is growing so perfectly balanced and so fast.