I am very sorry I do not have any kittens. I showed mine to their TICA championships and they are together but they’ve never succeeded in a breeding.



Stafra Ark Angel & TICA Willowtreerags Gabriell of Stafra


Both “Archie” & “Gabby” have been tested by DNA with UCDavis for Bloodtype, HCM and PKD.
RESULTS: Normal / Non Carriers
Both have been tested for FeLV & FIV at our veterinarian.
RESULTS: Negative

We are expecting great kittens with this breeding.
We expect the colors to be:
Blue – Mitted and bicolor
*Possible Seals as well.

Archie & Gabby both are out of Seal and Blue color breedings.
We will look forward to seeing what they have!
We are not accepting deposits until our kittens are here and have had their first vet checks.
We will update this page as soon as we have a confirmed breeding!
If you’d like to be patient and be on our waiting list, feel free to email me!

For more information, please email
Stacy at stafra@att.net